2023 December Test at Daytona Report

The Wayne Taylor Racing with Andretti (WTRAndretti) newly expanded three-car stable completed a productive three days of testing at Daytona International Speedway this week. Both the No. 10 and No. 40 Acura ARX-06 GTPs lined up alongside the No. 45 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 for the only IMSA-sanctioned day-to-night testing before the entire IMSA field returns in January.

2023 December Test at Daytona Report


The Wayne Taylor Racing with Andretti (WTRAndretti) newly expanded three-car stable completed a productive three days of testing at Daytona International Speedway this week. Both the No. 10 and No. 40 Acura ARX-06 GTPs lined up alongside the No. 45 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 for the only IMSA-sanctioned day-to-night testing before the entire IMSA field returns in January.

All drivers with the exception of Brendan Hartley were in attendance for the test sessions around Daytona International Speedway’s 3.56-mile, 12-turn road course.

WTRAndretti will be back to Daytona in January for the infamous Roar Before the 24 on Jan. 19-21 in build up to the Rolex 24 at DAYTONA on January 27th. Flag-to-flag race coverage will air on Peacock alongside IMSA.TV. Full WTRAndretti updates will live on all WTRAndretti social channels.


No 10 WTRAndretti Acura ARX- 06


Ricky Taylor, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

“It’s been so cool to see WTRAndretti grow this year. Obviously last year with the new GTP program it grew quite substantially since DPi, and then this year, again, growing to a two car team. It’s something that none of us have experience with together, but everybody has experience separately. So, it’s been interesting to see how everybody contributes to figure out how to optimize our two cars and to learn the most and to work together. The great thing is that, I feel like the team has maintained that sort of tight-knit feel, so it still feels like a family. And it still feels like everybody’s working together. The communication is very open despite there being eight drivers and almost a hundred people at the race track. It still feels like a very open, tight-knit team, which is what always separated WTRAndretti in the past from other race teams. Everybody’s been super fast getting up to speed, so we’ve had to improvise to learn and get a head start for the Roar. And just, I think, setting a test plan for the 40 car and the 10 car separately to learn different things so we’re maximizing both cars to get the most out of it come January.”


Filipe Albuquerque, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

“The new season is starting now already. Just a few months after the last race, so for me it’s a bit weird because the team has grown so much for two cars. It’s not just double the people, it’s almost three times more. And especially here we have almost all the drivers as well for Daytona. So dealing with that, especially with me being a part of WTRAndretti the last three years, it’s totally different. It feels almost like a brand new team, and just a few people that are the same. But other than that, these new people gel really, really well. And with the 40 car, Louis we knew from last year, and Jordan already, and the new guys just fit perfectly. We are having a good time, are enjoying going through this process of getting to know each other and we are making ground. Wednesday we were pretty competitive. We know what we get. We are now fine tuning the car to a completely different development than one year ago when we were here in Daytona. So, as always, I am enjoying the time behind the wheel and being with the team.”


Marcus Ericsson, 2024 Rolex 24 Co-Driver:

“I’m super excited to be back here at Daytona. It’s such a legendary race. To be here with WTRAndretti along with the teammates that I have feels amazing. It’s such a great lineup of drivers. It already feels like we’re gelling very well as a group. It’s so many drivers, eight of us, so it’s pretty cool to have so many talented and good drivers in a group like that. Working together with the team here and getting to know the car and your teammates and getting to work together is worth a lot for us moving forward. It’s only my second time at Daytona, second time really in endurance racing, so it’s all very new to me, and that’s why it’s so good to have teammates like Filipe, Ricky, and Brendon. So to learn from them, and listen to them, that helps a lot when you get to grips with this type of car.”


No. 40 WTRAndretti Acura ARX-06


Louis Delétraz, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

“So far, a great two days of testing. Again, it’s our second time with two cars, so a lot of new people and a lot of new experiences. It’s been super positive and great so far, so we can’t wait to get going to the Roar and Rolex next year. We’re doing a lot of tire comparison and a lot of new setup on the car. It’s been very enjoyable so far, and with my three other teammates, who are all super good guys, and looking forward to the week together. I feel like we’re improving at every outing possible and learning about it, which is the most important, because the more knowledge we have to start next year, the stronger we will be.”


Jordan Taylor, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

“It’s been a good test. I think the biggest thing for us is getting all the new drivers in the car and getting the seats organized, so by the time we come back for the Roar and the Rolex weekend everyone is comfortable and happy. Then we can just focus on making the car as quick as possible and working on those fine details. This weekend is more bigger picture, getting all personnel in line, organizing on the pit stand, meetings,  logistics and those sorts of things. I think we checked off a lot of the boxes that we wanted to check off, and everyone seems comfortable and happy with the car so far, we just need to do some more work before Daytona. I am very comfortable.”


Colton Herta, 2024 Endurance Co-Driver:

“It’s great to be here with WTRAndretti and being able to get to know everybody. I’m really excited to work with this group of drivers, both on the No. 10 car and my teammates in the No. 40. It’s a very different car to what I’m used to in IndyCar, this test has been amazing to learn what it takes to adapt to this car. I’m just super excited to work with everybody here and hopefully have an amazing three races with WTRAndretti this year.”


Jenson Button, 2024 Rolex 24 Co-Driver:

“Well first of all it’s a great experience getting out here in Daytona. The team has been great. I think it’s so important to have a good team behind you when you’re doing endurance racing that really understands this specific race. WTRAndretti have always been pretty special at this race. Also with the drivers, they have a lot of experience racing endurance, and you need a good team of people to help you, because there are certain things you can’t learn on your own as there’s not enough time in the car. So, big thanks to the whole team.”


No. 45 WTRAndretti Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo 2


Kyle Marcelli, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

Here at Daytona International Speedway this week. Obviously so much excitement and energy going into the 2024 season. New program for WTRAndretti, new car with the Lamborghini Hurácan GT3 EVO2, new teammates, new crew, just the whole package. We have a fantastic group of guys, everybody behind the wall, in the garage. All the crew members have been awesome, clicking really well, finding their groove, position, and strengths. The car has been really enjoyable to drive. A lot of evolved technology and tools that are useful and valuable to the driver, so we’ve been experimenting with everything in the test. We’re learning the nuances of this Lamborghini and trying to maximize them. And of course the teammates - everybody’s been in the car at least twice for some short runs to get up to speed, and some longer runs to get a sense of the car and the tire. Overall good stuff, and really excited to come back here in a few weeks to put it all together. I know we’re going to leave here with a long list of to-dos and things to improve, but we’ll be in good shape and ready for 24 hours of racing.


Danny Formal, 2024 Full Season Co-Driver:

“Well day one and day two here with our new Lamborghini Hurácan GT3 EVO2. It was a great first day for us; everyone got a lot of running in. Graham and Ashton had about 30 laps, and Kyle and I about 15 laps. I’m very proud of Graham’s learning of the track, and his traffic management was fantastic, especially in the nighttime where he ran his fastest lap time. Ashton did a fantastic job also; she’s always fast. I’m very happy with the car, very happy with the team. We had zero mechanical issues. The team did a fantastic job to give us a great baseline. I’m super excited to get going for the Roar and the 24 and hopefully see WTRAndretti and the No. 45 on the podium.”


Graham Doyle, 2024 Endurance Co-Driver:

“Day one and day two here at Daytona International Speedway have truly been incredible; we’ve been able to get a lot of runtime in. Ashton and I have been able to get about 30 to 40 laps each, and Danny and Kyle have been able to get 20 each. It’s just been great getting into the car, learning the track, learning how to work through the traffic, and just managing everything. WTRAndretti have done an incredible job getting the car ready and making sure it's perfect. We haven’t had any issues, and the car’s just been incredible. It’s fast, it’s easy to drive, and I really think we’re going to have a competitive car come race day.”


Ashton Harrison, 2024 Rolex 24 Co-Driver:

“I’m excited to be back with WTRAndretti for the Rolex and getting to gel with my teammates, who aren’t new to me, but we are all new to the Lamborghini Hurácan GT3 EVO2. It’s been exciting to all learn together how to properly drive this new car, and it’s obviously been a really great test; we’ve all gotten a lot of seat time. The WTRAndretti team have really been thrashing on getting this car ready in the short turnaround that we had after receiving the car just a week ago. So I’m really thankful for the crew guys, the team and everyone who’s been putting in a lot of hours, and the fact that we were quick in practice is a big thank you to them. I’m looking forward to what’s to come and am prepared to drive at the Roar and Rolex.”